Friday, August 6, 2010



It is the only word I could think to describe the way I felt Friday morning around 8:00. I had been at the park since about 7:30 with a friend who is more dear to me every time we get together. Normally we run together in the mornings, but the heat and humidity has officially gotten to us. So instead of running, my sweet friend introduced me to the art of....


Seriously, who knew! But as we stood in the park with multicolored rings seemingly dancing around our waists, I was in love. As it turns out, hula hooping is a total work out, and all the tricks that can be done while one hula hoops will absolutely induce both a bit of sweat and a lot of laughter. Of course, passer-byers cannot help themselves but to notice and comment. We had one girl join in the fun, borrowing a hoop for a few swivels of the hip on her way to work. Our favorite was the comment made by a little girl holding her dad's hand as they walked by and she said to him in a little girl whisper that is barely shy of a shout and said, "Dad, look at that! That lady is hula hooping with two hoops!" It was so sweet, and we wished we could invite her to hoop with us.

I did not take pictures of our time on Friday, but I will be sure to bring my camera along next time we hula hoop in the park. In the mean time, here are some pictures of hand-made hula hoops like the ones we used that were made by my friend (who also sells them.) When she opens her own shop, I'll be certain to post it here, but in the meantime, here are a few examples of some hoops I think are mighty fine!

Get to hooping!
-Domestic in the District

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