Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea, Scones, and Dear Friends

I love those unexpected emails from friends that read something like, "I know it's last minute, but I was wondering if you'd like to come over today..." In a city that schedules everything weeks and months in advance, the simplicity of "short notice" friendships is sweet.

Just such a note came across my phone last week, and I was eager to rework my oh-so-busy schedule (ahem, laundry) and respond with an emphatic, "yes!" For an hour, four of us were able to happily eat E's homemade scones, sip warm tea (which was accompanied by sugar cubes! One lump, or two?), and catch up with one another. It was a simple hour that went quicker than I had anticipated, but it was just the break I needed to get back to my duties with an added joy. It was yet another reminder that time spent with close friends over good food is time well spent!

What little things creep into your day and make the mundane unexpectedly more delightful?

Hoping to get E's scone recipe,

-Domestic in the District

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