Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Success: 26.2 and Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

It's done! The marathon came and went, and Ken and I both loved it. Ken finished his first half marathon in 1:57, and I crossed the marathon finish line in 4:05.

In addition to last weekend being my first marathon, I had the honor of running along side a long-time family friend, Wade. Wade and his wife have been dear friends of my parents since the early days of their marriage. He visited my parents the day I was born, and he and his wife have been faithful friends to my parents for nearly three decades. In addition to being present at the major life milestones of my first fish, learning to knee board, learning to shoot a gun, and my first hunting trip, as of Saturday, Wade ran with me during my first marathon... and it was his 18th marathon. I am so thankful Wade was able to make the trip from TX to be here in the District, and although Ken and I now owe him a marathon in TX, neither of us minds.

Four months of training in the cold were well worth it, and I am already doing research on our next marathon opportunity. But, before we hit the half/marathon starting line again, I'll be running in the District's Right of Passage for Spring running, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. The amazing DM will be inspiring me for all 10 miles as she runs her first race post-baby.

A special thank you to the many family and friends who trekked in the chilly weekend weather to stand along the race course to cheer us on. It meant the world to see each of you, and to know that there were also others who I never saw but were out there none-the-less.

Eager for the Spring running season,

-Domestic in the District


  1. Can't wait to kick off Spring running with you!

  2. Okay, let's try this again. Brad and I will be volunteering at water station #4 (mile 7.5) on Sunday. We'll watch for you and Diane as best as we can while handing out water!