Thursday, November 10, 2011

Diary of A Blissfully Dreary Day

Sitting here with a cup of lemon ginger tea I cannot help but listen to the faint and gentle clicking of my favorite clock, which is just shy of striking one. Staring out my window, the thoughts in my mind seem to fall as endlessly as the wind-spun leaves outside. Our home is quiet and still with the steady ticking of my clock. Much has changed in the past year; some circumstances have taken on fully different elements while others have been only mildly tweaked. How could we have known all that was to come this time last year? What lies ahead? What hopes will be realized, what hopes will be changed? Which fears will come to nothing, and which fears must be faced?

Despite the rainy drizzle beyond my window and the chilly touch of the hardwood floors beneath my feet, I am as hopeful looking forward as I am thankful looking back.

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