Monday, April 23, 2012

Contrary to How It May Seem...

... We did not get lost in Buenos Aires. We've been back for two months. Please forgive the long absence, I'm still not sure where the past two months have gone.

We spent just under a week strolling the avenues and enjoying the constant music, lights, and food of Buenos Aires. Our trip was filled with much needed time together, talking, laughing, reading good books, sleeping in, seeing amazing architecture, and Ken will tell you, "Eating the best steaks I've ever had in my life!" 
 The view from our first hotel room in the MicroCenter District
 Enjoying a Steak Sandwich in the oldest cafe in B.A.
 It was weird to have travelled 10 hours and to see this at our destination. Ken believes its further evidence that B.A. should be our second home.
 We loved the reverse season, summer in February! Everything was in bloom and so green.
 Waiting for our lunch reservation at the local family-style restaurant in the background where you can see a crowd of people. This was in our favorite neighborhood, San Telmo.
 Tango in the middle of the mercado!
 The crowds and the beautiful old buildings. I loved the terraces lined with flowers.
 It seemed like every building was like this!
 Resting at our hotel in the Palermo neighborhood.

 Enjoying the terrace at the hotel between our 4pm lunch and our 11pm dinner.

The Streets of Palermo- they were so quiet and peaceful compared to the constant crowds and music of MicroCenter and San Telmo. We loved getting to see what different parts of the city had to offer. 

Up next: Our favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires, and a visit to their national cemetery, Recoleta.

-Domestic in the District 

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  1. We loved our time there. Thanks for sharing your we want to see the couch LOL