Thursday, May 3, 2012

Morning Wake Up Call: A Flooding Kitchen

 This morning, it looks like this:

I woke up this morning to Ken shouting my name and our alarm going off. Racing down the stairs and bursting into our kitchen to turn off the alarm, I realized why Ken had been calling for me. The hot water handle on our sink had been shot off by building water pressure, and now our kitchen was something like an up close experience with our own personal geyser. Honestly, who doesn't need an indoor water feature, right? 

Hot water was shooting all the way up to the ceiling, pouring over our counter tops, down the back of our cabinets, and all over our wood floor. Ken was in the basement trying to get the water turned off, while I held one of my dish-washing gloves and the sponge over the open faucet trying to minimize the damage. All the while, the water from the ceiling is creating an indoor rain-like effect all over our kitchen. 

Once the water was turned off, we began cleaning up. Thankfully inside the cabinets and atop the counter wiped up easily, as did the ceiling. The tricky part is that our wood floor seems to have really soaked up the water, so we've got our handy de-humidifier on the job. Ken is off to Home Depot to pick up a new faucet and handles for the plumber to install, and I'm on duty to make sure our version of Old Faithful doesn't decide to go off again. 

Here's to unexpected mornings, working together, and the joys of home ownership, 

-Domestic in the District


  1. Nothing like an indoor waterfall to wake you up;) I know it's not fun but soon you guys can look back and laugh-what wonderful memories you guys are making;) Praying you don't experience anymore of these unexpected "surprises"

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