Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neckties and Mustaches and Friends

 My dear friends EB, MB, AT, and KR hosted an amazing shower for our little guy, complete with neck ties and mustaches for everyone!

 So thankful to have these dear friends in my life, and I cannot wait for Baby Boy to get to meet them!

 Both my mother and sister and Ken's mother and sister were able to attend the shower. What a privilege to have these women there to celebrate with me!  
 Delicious party favors made by the amazing Allison from Allison's Cookies!
It is, of course, never a party without KB and her daughter, the beloved LB (not pictured)!

 And what's a baby shower without a few words or advice from women who are a few years ahead of me in motherhood? So thankful for the time each of these ladies put into helping me think through the various elements of being a mom: rest, marriage, priorities, exercise, and my faith.

So thankful for amazing friends who came to celebrate the soon-arrival of our little man. I cannot imagine transitioning to motherhood without the support and encouragement of each and every one of you! 

With Love, 

-Domestic in the District 


  1. You are such a beautiful mother, and graicous young woman.