Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 days

Today marks the beginning of the 10 day count down before our wedding. It's hard to believe that ten days from right now I'll be getting ready at the church with my bridesmaids, and I'll have 30 minutes before we go take pictures. It's amazing how time moves so quickly. After work tonight, I'm going with my mom, mimi, and sister to do the final dress fitting- and we are likely taking it home tonight!

This past weekend I moved into our new place. It's wonderful and I love it! Its fun to get things in order, but I'm realizing I've got a lot more stuff than will fit in our little apartment- so I'll likely spend some time in the near future getting rid of some of the "things" I've collected over the last two years I've lived in DC.

The guys in the picture heard we only had 10 days left... and this is how they expressed their joy. Thanks, guys!

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