Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back in the saddle again...

A lot has changed since my last post almost a year ago. It's fun to read my previous posts and see all that the Lord has done in our lives! Ken got a job the day we got back from our honeymoon, we have decorated our apartment, I left the Senate and am now teaching preschool and working full time on getting a masters in biblical counseling.

We've had so much fun traveling around together this past year! We went to Atlanta for the 4th of July, Las Vegas for a conference for Ken's work, London Zurich Majorca and Barcelona for Thanksgiving, and California for Christmas. Last weekend we were in Fredericksburg, VA for our dear friends' wedding!! Mr. and Mrs. Philip VanSteenburgh had a gorgeous wedding, and it was so sweet to be a part of their day and to celebrate all that the Lord is doing in their lives. We love that God has blessed us with their friendship. Katherine was an absolutely gorgeous bride!

In other news, our one year anniversary is quickly approaching, and we're headed to NYC together for the first time! We're taking the DC-NYC bus and staying until late Sunday night! I'm so looking forward to the time together without the day-to-day schedule. I tell Ken often that I wish we could go on our honeymoon now, when we know what it's like to do life together, I think we could better appreciate the time away. Luckily we'll be able to have time to just walk around and talk in NYC.

While in NYC we'll be at the 70 Park Avenue Hotel, eating lunch at Jean George's, and walking through Central Park. Thankfully, my sweet friend Emily has promised to help me pick out NYC-esque outfits (from my own closet, of course) for our trip.

In the mean time, we don't have plans for Memorial Day Weekend. Ken is working on re-writing material for one of the Core Seminars (aka Sunday School) at church, and I've got plenty of school work to do, so we'll likely spend Saturday sitting next to each other at Peregrine or Buzz, sipping iced Moroccan mint tea and occasionally taking study/work breaks. It's funny how sitting together at a coffee shop can be still be fun when you're with your best friend.

Off to clean the apartment and do some reading!
- Domestic in the District


  1. So excited to follow you!!! Welcome back! Come often:)

    Can't wait to catch up. So excited to hear how everything is going! I promise I'll be sending an email soon. Too much to write it on FB!

    Would love to see come pics of the apt. Any plans to post some?? 0:)

    Gosh time flies! One year?! Woohoo! Congrats:) Enjoy NYC! Hope to see pics. The hotel looks awesome!

  2. Hey!! YES- I have pics of the apartment, and will hopefully be posting them soon. My laptop died two weeks ago with all of pictures on it, and we are working on getting someone who can recover the hard drive to do so. Hopefully I'll have them back soon, and in the mean time I'm trying to get the right cable to connect my camera to my new computer (I am now a mac. crazy!) Thanks for the note, I'd love to hear how you're doing!!