Monday, November 15, 2010

Lady Killer

In Scotland, the main places worth eating at are pubs, known for their greasy and delicious renditions on traditional local fare. And, although we were told that babies are welcome in pubs, we found the opposite to be true. The latest in Scotland is a "no one under 18" policy to help crack down on under-age drinking and alcoholism. We can get behind that, but it still seemed strange to us... since 3.5 month old Baby B's primary concern these days is non-alcohol beverages.
Needless to say, after being turned away from a pub or two, we decided to stick with take-away pizza or larger restaurants that welcomed babies. As you can see from these pictures, Baby B still found plenty of reasons to smile on the trip, and we couldn't help but smile along with him. These are a few of my favorites from the trip. The second to last is a pic of him wearing his p.j.s from Uncle Ken and Aunt Kelli, and in the last one he's sporting a teeny tiny kilt for S and N's wedding. At nearly 4 months he's already a heart-breaker.

-Domestic in the District

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