Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unexpected Expectations

I'm almost certain that Emily Post would agree that cooler weather always requires warm beverages. Monday night was no exception.

With ladies from my small group coming over, I started up my oven range to mull some apple cider and heat water for tea. I set out my cups and saucers, some tea bags, my two kettles (one with cider and one with water), and my cream and sugar. It was such a fun spread, but I realized just how much it was lacking when two friends brought pumpkin-y treats to add to the mix. Pumpkin bars and pumpkin oat cookies were the perfect supplement to the tea and cider.

It's funny how expectations for fall food sneaks up on you, and then you suddenly realize you were anticipating these aspects of the season all along!

What unexpected expectations are bringing a smile your (potentially pumpkin-besmudged) face this week?
-Domestic in the District

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