Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Breakfast Love

Cheese. It is perhaps one of my top five favorite things in the world. Soft cheese, earthy cheese, firm cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, smelly cheese, I make a point not to discriminate against any of them.

Sadly, my efforts toward cheese-inclusion is often thwarted in the US.
Americans pay import taxes on European cheeses. But in Europe, large portions of creamy blues, buttery Port Salut, and oh-so-smelly Roquefort are available for a mere Pound or two. I couldn't help but remember all the yummy cheeses for which I happily handed over a single Pound to savor just weeks ago... and that's when I decided what I would have for breakfast: a good hunk of bread, some cheese, and an apple. It was so worth it!

Wondering how I will use up the rest of the Sourdough Bread!
-Domestic in the District


  1. Kelli,

    I've loved being a blog lurker. Now I make my presence known. : )

    With the rest of the sourdough I would make panninis (try dessert ones with nutella), french toast or pumpkin bread pudding!

  2. Kristin!
    Such good recommendations- thanks!! For lunch I used some for a grilled cheese... which I may or may not be planning to write about tomorrow. :) Love having you read... be it via lurking or not.