Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo Tour: Our Apartment

When I moved into our apartment 2 weeks before our wedding, there was no furniture other than my bed and a rocking chair my mom sent. Initially I figured it would take us a month or so to get the place unpacked and decorated, but the reality is it took nearly a year and a half. Maybe that seems an absurd amount of time.

However, acquiring furniture and organizing just take time. I've learned that there is value to simply living in a space before deciding how to decorate it, because there are functional needs you just can't know about in advance.

For instance, when I started grad school a year ago, it became clear that I needed a spot to put my books, but there wasn't any free room on the bookshelf in our living room. After spending a few weeks thinking about how to solve the problem, and quite a bit of time on Craigslist, we found a cedar chest to put at the foot of our bed to replace my dresser, and where the dresser once was is now home to a reading chair (a $10 yard sale find!) and a bookshelf for my school books. Later on, when we found a lamp small enough to sit at the top of that bookshelf, we realized how much a second source of light was needed in our bedroom, since there are no ceiling lights in that room.

All of this came about by trial and error, a process we're learning to really enjoy. Other "trial and error" projects: the suitcase display in our hallway, the antique bird cage in our front window, the three pictures above our bed, and the mantle our Landlord kindly added upon request a few months after we moved in.

What elements of your own home have you come to love but could have never anticipated needing?
-Domestic in the District


  1. great post kelly!! i love reading about decorating and stuff! super cute living space, i think the suitcase in the hallway is kinda fun!! p.s. i love blogspot, and how did you highlight "mom" and it went to your mom's personal note page? I want to do that on my blog!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! Blogspot is super easy with creating hyperlinks like the one I used to link to my previous post about my mom. All you do is copy the URL for the web address you want to create a link for, and then on your own blog, highlight the word(s) you want to use to link to the other page. Then you go up to the content bar above the posting page to the button that looks like a link in a fence (when you role your cursor over it, it says "hyperlink".) Just click that button and "paste" your copied URL address. This will create the link between the word(s) in your post and other webpages you want to reference. I hope that's helpful! I'll be looking forward to seeing you use it in your own blog!

  3. Super cute place! I also love the suitcase in the hallway:).