Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Tour: Our House Pre-Renovations

Here are a few shots of our house before we began renovations. The pics of the kitchen are in the previous post, as is a picture of the living room and dining room. These will hopefully serve as a reference point for soon-to-come pictures of the renovations which are now officially underway.

After two days of pulling up carpet, disintegrated carpet pads, and layers of laminate flooring, we are even more excited about the house than when we bought it. Still, we are totally thankful reinforcements (ahem, my parents) arrive tomorrow. The day will start early with a tour of the house, a trip to the local dump, and perhaps a coffee run. How can you help but anticipate such a morning?!

Exhausted and happy,

-Domestic in the District

PS Yes, that IS glitter on the ceiling in the hallway. No, it is not staying.


  1. Fun pictures! But I must say, in person is even more exciting. ;)

  2. It's going to be soooo nice! What a lot of work but you'll love it when you're done...I'm guessing even that ol' fixer upper was quite pricey in D.C.!!!

  3. so exciting! can't wait to see all the "new" pics. can't wait to come and visit!