Saturday, June 25, 2011

Revelation: Original Chestnut Banister

When we purchased the house, it came complete with a white banister and the spindles encased in layers of drywall.

After tearing off the drywall from the spindles, I used CitruStrip to take the paint of the banister. The process required a thick coat of the stripper, which sat for 24 hours, and a fair amount of scraping.

Interestingly, the stripper interacted with the original lacquer varnish to create a black sticky goo. To remove the goo, I used lacquer thinner, an old toothbrush, and fine steel wool pads.

Once the paint and lacquer were removed, I applied pre-stain conditioner to the wood to help the stain apply evenly, and then Minwax's "American Chestnut" stain in two coats.
The entry way and upstairs hallway now have a more pleasing and open feel. The finished product came out beautifully, and thankfully was fully dry before the floors were sanded and stained to match.


  1. absolutely amazing and beautiful. What a showplace of a home you are going to have when all is said and done!

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