Friday, June 17, 2011

Light Fixtures (Need To) Abound

Amid our numerous projects at the house, Ken and I took some time-out to try and find light fixtures we agreed on. Surprisingly, this ended up being a bigger task than either of us expected.

While we're still short a couple fixtures, we are really excited about the one we ordered for our half bath from LampGoods! I really love her globe pendants, especially the chandeliers. To find out which light fixture we ordered, you'll have to come see it for yourself, but in the meantime, definitely check out the online shop!

More pictures of the past week's work to come: The installation of the insulation and beadboard ceiling in the master bedroom, the paint-stripping process for the original chestnut banisters, and the painting has begun! We are on track to have it all wrapped up to get the floors refinished next week, and move in by the end of the month.

In the meantime, Ken and I are taking tomorrow (Saturday) off to attend a wedding and a golf tournament- I'm going to the wedding and Ken and his friend BJ are headed to the U.S. Open. We are both really looking forward to the time with friends... and being dust/paint-free for 24 hours!

-Domestic in the District

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