Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sometimes It's Easy To Say Goodbye...

If only it were possible to write this post without a scrunched up face... and if only it had been possible to do this task without the same expression.

All of the rooms in the house are finished, and the floors have been redone and are simply in the process of drying so that we can move in later this week! Thus, the tasks left before moving in are to clean and paint the kitchen, pull up the old kitchen flooring, seal the bathtub, and pack our beloved apartment.

So I began on Friday the job of cleaning the kitchen walls and ceiling to prepare for painting, as the previous owner was a heavy smoker. Thankfully, the only chemicals needed for the task was a bucket, a mixture of pine-sol and water, and a scrub brush.

As gross as the task was, it was finished quickly and without any difficulty. I was glad to have it behind me, to get the walls painted, and to have a clean kitchen waiting for us on Thursday!

Preferring the smell of Pine-Sol to nicotine,

- Domestic in the District


  1. I am hoping you write a post about sealing your bathtub... Brad and I need to rip out and redo the caulk on ours--is that the same thing? If so, I'm hoping for tips from you, house renovator extraordinaire!:)

  2. I don't know about house renovator extraordinaire, BUT I will absolutely do a post on re-caulking the tub. I imagine it's going to be a bigger task than either of us is hoping, but it will be much better than the water damage which would result from neglecting it! Hopefully that will get done this week.

  3. I just discovered baking soda has more uses than keeping your fridge fresh and baking. It's pretty incredible stuff with a little elbow grease and water.