Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vaulting A Ceiling: Master Bedroom

When we purchased the house, it came with a drop ceiling in the master bedroom, which is the type of ceiling in office buildings. Anyway, when Ken and my dad pulled down the drop ceiling (and 100 years of dirt along with it), the room opened up with a beautiful vaulted ceiling, original rafters and all. After much discussion, we decided to cut down the non-load-bearing rafters (which we're hoping to re-purpose to make into a dining room table!) The guys used a Ryobi Reciprocating saw to do the job, and it turned out to be an relatively easier job than expected.

With the rafters down, we decided to create a loft storage space between the interior ceilings in the rest of the house and the roof of the house. My dad, Ken, and JT were able to put the framework for the storage area in place, so when the drywall man comes, he'll have no problems closing off the area.

We are also working on getting a window person out to put in a window in the exposed roof vent. It currently has a plastic tarp covering it to keep rain from coming in the room before we can get someone out.

Finally, we're still working on the details, but we're planning to put insulation in the ceiling and then cover it with white beadboard. Hopefully pictures to come!

-Domestic in the District

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