Thursday, July 28, 2011

When In California...

Vacation in California To Do List:

1. Visit Yosemite
2. Eat lunch on a pebbly beach by a chilly mountain river
3. Spend time with family
4. Make a minimum of 2 stops at In-N-Out for double doubles with extra extra mustard and pickles. Oh, and be sure not to forget the strawberry milkshake (to split with your best friend, of course!)
5. Revel in the delight of fresh-off the tree pluots, including a brand new type yet to hit the markets. (The benefits of a father-in-law in the California fruit industry just cannot be denied.)
6. While driving from the Valley to Orange County, plan no less than 4 hours to slowly peruse through the exhibits and architecture of the Getty Center outside of Los Angeles

What's on your summer travel to-do list?

-Domestic in the District

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