Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting My Sea Legs Back With Spicy Salmon

I will be the first to admit that adjusting to my new gas oven and range has been a bit of an unexpected challenge, although certainly a welcomed one.

After sadly over-cooking last night's salmon, I decided to try again this evening. While I referred to my usual lemon and pepper roasted salmon last night, I was looking for something different on this warm August evening.

The result was a spicy dry-rubbed salmon. I pulled together a smoky spicy rub using a few of my beloved Penzey's spices: fresh cracked black pepper, cayenne pepper, ancho chili pepper, a mixture called "Arizona Dreamin", crushed cumin seeds, and sea salt.

Once I combined the spices, I rubbed them onto both sides of the salmon, topped it with fresh cilantro and a decent dose of fresh lime juice. With the oven heated to 425 degrees, I put the salmon dish (covered in tented tinfoil) in the oven for 10-15 minutes and then removed the tinfoil. The salmon is done when a fork inserted in the thickest portion causes the meat to flake along the muscle lines.

Partnered with this spicy salmon, I served roasted chickpeas with a sauce made of olive oil and lime juice, as well as a watermelon-tomato-mint salad.

Fresh, summery, vibrant, spicy, and light. The combination worked well, and I was happy to have had some success cooking with my new gas oven.

What are you serving in the midst of the summer's heat?

-Domestic in the District

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  1. That sounds delicious....feel free to post more recipes :) I'm going to try that this weekend