Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ken's grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. So to celebrate, we took them to breakfast. We dined on pancakes, bacon, eggs, and waffles. We drank coffee and juice. We listened to them share about what it's like to look back on 60 years of life together. It was sweet, it was hopeful, and it was an incredible milestone for them. My favorite part was hearing his grandmother talk about how she really looks forward to their 75th anniversary. I am looking forward to that for them as well.

When Ken and I hit 60 years of marriage we'll be 89 and 83, respectively. It seems strange to know that one day we'll look back and see clearly all the things which right now are unknown. I am looking forward to the days when Ken is a silver fox (!) and we travel from one place to the next visiting friends and family, spoiling grandchildren, and owning a porch swing simply for the purpose of sitting together. I wonder if I'll still be blogging...

Hoping For Sixty,

-Domestic in the District

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