Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Projects and Office Upgrade

Last weekend was spent doing some of those small house projects that seem to individually be insignificant, but all together might as well be insurmountable. One of those projects was {finally} going through the last of the boxes from our move. The back bedroom has been earmarked for my office space since we moved in, but the pile of boxes and stacks of un-shelved books minimized the functionality of the room.

Going through the boxes, getting carpet tiles and a nice rug put down, and organizing my desk has meant big changes for me already this week! In fact, I'm blogging from my desk... in my office... sitting in my office chair! Now that the functionality has been dealt with, it's time to start thinking about decorating...

This room will be painted a warm white, and I am looking to recover some Gunlocke chairs I found on Craigslist- a set of 4 for $75. We discovered Gunlocke chairs when we were cleaning out the house and found one sitting in the basement. Ken and I both love their sturdy structure, and I am eager to get a more updated fabric on them, but of course looking for the fabric is part of the fun...
 Websites I'm perusing for fabric:

Lewis and Sheron Fabric
Discount Fabrics USA
Designer's Attic

Any online or local fabric shops you love to shop?

This is definitely an upgrade from the small spaces I've been used to

-Domestic in the District

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  1. Do check out fabric.com..great prices and coupons emailed to you (some searchable!)