Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking For The DIY Middle Ground?

Oh, you don't have vacation time and a mother and grandmother willing to spend 6 days working from 9am to 1am to reupholster your antique couch? Hmmm, come to think of it, neither do I any more.

So in the event parts of a re-upholstery project seem doable to you, but the entire task is way beyond what you're looking to commit to doing, here is a great post by a DIY blogger and Interior Designer.  The post is about how to find a happy medium in getting that upholstery work done. I think this balance is more realistic. The cushions were the most difficult part of our project, and having watched my Mimi do most of the work on those (ahem), this is likely the route I would take if ever re-doing a couch again. Also, I think this blogger wisely picked a piece that needed little work beyond a basic recovering. Choosing pieces that do not require too much further work will also help keep the scope of the project more manageable.

Here's to paying someone else to make those cushions,

-Domestic in the District

P.S. The blog above is one I read daily. She has great DIY tips like this all the time, and she often lists fabric stores and online shops with great selections and decent prices.

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