Monday, October 1, 2012

Enjoying the Anticipation

37 weeks along, and I am still loving all the sweet kicks, nudges, and hiccups from our little boy. We are definitely eager to meet him, but we are also savoring these dwindling days of anticipation. 

A sweet friend and amazing photographer, Sarah from Ampersand Photography, snapped a few quick shots of Ken and I at a wedding last weekend. We have found most of our photos are the self-portrait type. You know, the ones that involve dangerously holding my SLR camera at arms distance, getting as close together as possible, and snapping a few pictures in the hopes that one will have us both in focus. What an amazing treat to have some photos of Ken and I and our bump all together! Thank you, Sarah, for these wonderful snap shots! 

 I love that we are standing in front of a playground... oh the things to come! 

-Domestic in the District


  1. You look beautiful, Kelli! Love these pics. Treasure these last weeks/days of baby kicks and nudges--you will miss them!