Monday, October 8, 2012

Market Mentions: Union Market

Could there be a more pleasant way to kick off a long weekend than a late-morning trip with friends to the newest old market in town? Ken and I had not yet been to Union Market, and we were eager to see what everyone has been talking about. It was amazing- I cannot wait to go back. I am especially excited for the butcher who will be a permanent fixture at the market starting in November. A real butcher in our area who will be open 6 days a week. Just in time for the baby and I to start walking over to do some grocery shopping in the days to come.

 The schedule of upcoming events.
 Sampling lamb sausages from "Border Springs Lamb". They also have a make-your-own lamb gyro loaf. I've already mentioned to Ken how fun that would be for the early (and slightly delirious) days of new parenthood!
 A fun chandelier hanging at one end of the market- it's made of crushed up plastic bottles. Such a great use of something so common for an unexpected purpose.
 The oyster bar- fresh oysters served on the half shell for anyone willing to pull up a chair.
 Ken quickly found the DC Empanada counter and ordered a BBQ pulled pork empanada. The expression on his face says it all!
 A beautiful basket of ornamental pepper plants and fall gourds at the florist.

We had a great time wandering around, talking with the various vendors, and making plans for what shopping we can regularly do here to support these businesses! In fact, Ken wrapped it up with a little ice cream from one of our favorite creameries- Trickling Springs. Where would this man be without his chocolate peanut butter ice cream? I honestly do not know. 

Note: I do love having opportunities to take pictures and write about what we're up to- but it isn't often there's someone around to take a picture of me in the process...
Special thanks to Erik for catching this really common exchange between Ken and I...
 me: "Honey, hold still juuuuust a sec."
Ken: "I am." 

Have you recently made your way to Union Market or another market near you? Find anything good? 

-Domestic in the District 

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