Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicago Deep Dish

For our second evening in the Windy City, we decided to check the Deep Dish box. We did our research and asked a few locals. The conclusion was clear: Giordanos. Fortunately for us, Giordanos is serving up their traditional pizzas about five blocks from our hotel. The walk was short, and our anticipation was high.

If these pictures make you wish you could have a real Chicago Deep Dish pizza... you're in luck! Giordanos has figured out how to ship pizzas nation-wide! Seriously. They explain the process on their website.

On the schedule for tomorrow: a trip to Girl and the Goat. Thanks to everyone who has sent recommendations- it's been fun to go and visit your favorite spots, and we're loving our time here!


  1. So glad you're enjoying Chicago, Kelli! It's such a wonderful city. Is it your first time? Are you guys on vacation or is Ken on business? Enjoy!!

  2. It' my first time! I've thought of you as I've walked around- it's such an amazing city. I really love it here. Ken is here for a conference, and I'm here to be his sidekick. Any recommendations for dinner spots?

  3. So glad you're enjoying it! It's a pretty cool place! So fun being a sidekick!:)

    Here are some recs:
    The best burgers are at a place called DMK Burger Bar on the North side of the city. All the beef is grass fed and they have burger specialties that are divine! It's a nice burger place, not like McDonalds. Promise.

    Andrew said he loves Italian Village. It's downtown near the Art Institute and Grant Park.

    If you're going for a bistro, Andrew recommends the Berghoff. A Chicago classic. I've never been there, but it looks cool on their website:) In the loop.

    Nicks Fish market. Great seafood, but pricey. Wait, who goes to the Midwest for seafood anyway? Ignore that.

    Ooooh. If you're in the mood for delicious, unhealthy, local fare--Five Faces. Best Gyros and Chicago style hot dogs. Near State & Division.

    Dive, but historic Chicago place: The Billy Goat. Kind of like the Varsity in Atlanta. I'm not that impressed, but Andrew loves it. Only the one on Michigan (underground) at the river. So if you guys are going for causal and feel like getting yelled at as you order a cheeseburger. Check it out.

    Two other unique and fun options. The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building. Great place to get a drink and enjoy the view. For the same price as the observation deck you get to relax and enjoy a drink :) We prefer this to the Sears tower because this way you get to see the tallest building instead of being in it. If it's a clear night, it will be an incredible view.

    Lastly, the Walnut Room. A restaurant in the top of Macys (fomerly Marshall Fields). Another classic place.

    Okay. I'm done with suggestions. You aren't moving there, just visiting:)

    I won't be offended if you don't get to to try any of them. We had fun brainstorming ideas for you. Enjoy the big city!